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I love what I do...

...and I have the best clients.

Hi there and if you are reading this, I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about me, since you already saw what I can do.

My name is Guto, but everyone calls me G. I have been designing for over 25 years. I do brand management for my awesome clients. It can vary from a logo design to video shooting and editing, websites, photography, shirts, promotional items, you name it and I'll get it done. I have a very selective list of clients. It is not based on how much money you have, it's based on how you are as a person. No amount of money will make me work for some a$$#*&ole. Majority of my clients become very good friends of mine for life. I hope to have a opportunity to work with you and to start another friendship. 

Thank you for stopping by !

P.S. This site is a working in progress, as I have thousands of designs and no time to put them all here

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